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The Emotion Code: Future Medicine for Self-Healing Now!

Sandee Mac combines training in dowsing, indigenous healing and The Emotion Code to help people overcome illness and create positive change

Everyone struggles at some point with health issues, whether it's physical pain, excessive weight, depression, anxiety or the stress that so often leads to other problems. As a healing practitioner trained in The Emotion Code, Sandee Mac shares a groundbreaking do-it-yourself method to spark physical, mental and emotional self-healing.

Sandee has been researching, studying and teaching natural healing methods since the 1970s when she first began practicing dowsing – a method for finding anything that is hidden by observing the motion of a forked stick or a pendulum. While most people think of dowsing as a way to find water, Sandee uses it in a much broader context to discover the causes of illness and help people create positive change.

Sandee's unique background includes sociology, criminology, mental health and indigenous healing practices. Recently, her passion for natural and alternative healing led her to study The Emotion Code, the groundbreaking healing system developed by veteran holistic physician Dr. Bradley Nelson today being practiced around the globe. Dr. Nelson created The Emotion Code to help people release trapped emotions – the unseen emotional baggage from traumatic experiences that leads to physical, mental and emotional illness.

Trapped emotions are the largest underlying cause of mental and emotional problems such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks and phobias, and a major cause of physical disease including conditions often considered "incurable" such as fibromyalgia and chronic pain.

People who have exhausted their options through traditional medicine are a big focus for Sandee. She works with people facing all kinds of physical, emotional and mental issues, with a specialty in solving chronic, unresolved pain. Sandee uses dowsing to help determine the best method of healing from among many systems she has studied, including The Emotion Code and The Body Code, Dr. Nelson's study course that teaches healing practitioners to recognize and treat the underlying imbalances that cause illness.

"I teach lots of kinds of alternative healing, and working with The Emotion Code was just a natural fit for me," she says.

Sandee lives in Lakeside, AZ, and recently served as the first woman elected president of the American Society of Dowsers. She can speak on news and topics related to health and well-being including the emotional causes and cures of six prevalent health issues:

1. Physical Pain
2. Depression
3. Loneliness
4. Anxiety, panic attacks and phobias
5. Struggles with weight
6. Stress

The Emotion Code and The Body Code use kinesiology or muscle testing to help uncover trapped emotions. To those skills Sandee adds dowsing to help people discover the hidden causes of illness.

"Dowsing is one of the most ancient and time honored skills that has extended beyond the great civilizations of the world, and a fantastic tool for working with people's personal health, she says. "I feel this is a missing link between chiropractors, massage therapists, alternative healers and the regular medical model."

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